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Over 40+ flavors of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
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Sizes, Prices, and Ordering

We offer four sizes in each of our flavors: Bottle Sizes

  • 60ml ($6.95) 
  • 200ml ($12.95) 
  • 375ml ($16.95) 
  • 750ml ($32.95) 


Please note, a few specialty oils have different prices. Please call the store at 309-585-1832 to inquire about prices for White Truffle oil and Black Truffle oil.  


The Olive Bin offers shipping and in-store pick up. You are welcome to call ahead to place an order for in-store pick-up (309-585-1832) or view our shipping policies here. Our online store allows you to order medium (375ml bottles). Please give us a call to order and ship 60ml or 200ml bottles.