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Over 40+ flavors of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
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Whether you're a novice cook or a seasoned chef, we have a variety of cookbooks to help you get started using olive oils and balsamic vinegars in the kitchen. 

We have four "mini" books that provide recipes for a single specific flavor. These flavors include: Garlic olive oil, Butter olive oil, Tuscan Herb olive oil, and Traditional 18-Year Aged balsamic vinegar. Each mini book is $4.95. 

Our country-themed cookbooks are a wonderful way to add variety to your meals. These cookbooks feature recipes from Italy, Syria, Greece, and Spain. Each book highlights four Olive Bin flavors that you can use to make every recipe. These beautiful books are $14.95 each. 

Our cookbook "The Olive Oil & Vinegar Lover's Cookbook" is a staple for any kitchen. It provides an index of all of The Olive Bin's flavors and pages of recipes for how to use each. This cookbook is $28.95. 

Lovers Cookbook

For more information about cookbooks or recipes, please call us at 309-585-1832. Available for purchase in-store only.