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What’s the Smoke Point for Cooking My Oil?

Posted Monday, March 17th, 2014

Many customers have asked about cooking our different gourmet oils and what temperatures they're safe to cook at. Different types of oils are made for higher cooking temperatures, while others are best very mildly cooked or used raw. This post will help you determine which of your oils from The Olive Bin are best for what types of cooking.

The smoke point is the temperature where the oil will start to smoke, and thus will add a burnt flavor to your food. Also, if an oil is heated too far past its smoke point, it can start a fire – which none of us want in our kitchens! Thus, see below for the approximate temperature limits for each of our oils – and be sure to not cook (heat, stir fry, sauté) these oils past their respective smoke point temperatures.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils – 320 degrees. (Olive oils that are not extra virgin – virgin or extra light – can be cooked at higher temperatures, but the high quality of our oils reduces the smoke point.)

Walnut Oil – 400 degrees

Sesame Oil – 410 degrees

Almond Oil – 420 degrees

Thus, you can sauté and cook vegetables with any of our oils; however, to stir fry on higher temperatures, sesame and almond oil are your best choices (and add delicious flavor to stir fry!).

To see an extensive chart of all oils and their smoke point temperatures, check out this website