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How Can I Use The Olive Bin's Balsamics in Baking?

Posted Thursday, February 6th, 2014

We’ve had lots of questions from our customers recently regarding balsamic vinegar uses in baking. We have many delicious flavors in both our olive oils and balsamic vinegars; but these two products are very different in consistency, and thus their roles are very different for baking. 

Baked good recipes most commonly call for apple cider or white vinegar, and it can be tricky substituting one vinegar (balsamic, for example) in for another. Typically, it is okay to substitute them out: you don’t have to worry about the substitution ruining the recipe or changing the consistency, but realize it might change your flavor slightly. We’ve found this BH&G article helpful in remembering the characteristics of different vinegars.

Vinegar can also be used in baking to create a chemical reaction with baking soda, making the recipe light and fluffy. Often, vinegar can take the place of eggs for this very reason – leaving the recipe healthier (and it’s a great option in baking for your vegan friends). Try out our Eggless Chocolate Bundt cake recipe for an example of this reaction.

The nice part about our balsamics is that their flavorings can create additional subtle twists in a recipe, and the flavors often take away some of the tartness that can show up with traditional vinegars in the final taste of a baked good. For a baked good with more of the traditional tart flavor of vinegar, use one of our white balsamic vinegars; or for a mellower, sweeter flavor, try a dark balsamic. Because of balsamic’s sweet and tangy characteristics, you can play up the tanginess by using it with berry flavors; or contrast it by pairing with a dark chocolate.

Ultimately, as with any baking, the best thing to do is experiment! Try putting one of your favorite Olive Bin flavored balsamics into a recipe, and see how it turns out. If it’s too tart, try using less balsamic the next time around. Allow yourself to fail; the next batch will be even better for it.