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Where Do We Get Our Olive Oil?

Posted Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

We’ve had many people ask where we get our olive oils – where they’re from, who’s our supplier, and so on. Our oils are produced in many areas of the world – Spain, Italy, Chile, and even Australia – but the supplier of our oils is Veronica Foods Company. Below is a brief history of our supplier, their origin, and their philosophy in providing us the best products possible.

Veronica Foods Company began as a small family business from an Italian immigrant in New York City named Salvatore Esposito. The Esposito family soon moved to California and hoped to expand the business in building the first American olive oil mill. However, the majority of the family joined the military at the beginning of World War II and these hopes were put on hold.

In the late 1980s, Michael and Veronica Bradley (granddaughter to the original founder, Salvatore Esposito) inherited Veronica Foods. They knew the company had strayed from a full involvement in the olive oil market and decided to make some changes. They’ve put a high emphasis on researching the best products and developing a “more practical understanding of olive oil that [places] a greater emphasis on application and performance.” They continue to taste oils from origins all over the world, and in 1997, they purchased an olive grove in Tunisia to continue developing quality flavors and products.

Veronica Foods’ mission continues to be to provide customers with the highest quality of products for affordable and comparable prices. They do this through bulk distribution of oil and vinegar to kitchens, restaurants, caterers, and natural foods grocers; and through the assistance of small specialty stores in opening with their products (like The Olive Bin!).